About Us

What is Tony’s journey, vision and calling?

During my years as a university student I was involved in Student Life (a Campus Crusade ministry) when it first started at my campus at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia I had the privilege of being personally discipled,  learning how to spiritually guide some of my fellow students and also leading several students to Christ. We saw God do some amazing things when we stepped out in faith, prayed to Him and trusted Him and I considered this time to be one of the most purposeful and valuable experiences in my life. Now, after a 30 year career as a senior software engineer, computer science teacher and researcher I looked back and wished that I had given more of my working life to helping others discover Christ. I recalled the things I had seen God do through me and my friends as a university student and wondered if somehow He could now use me again.

In 2004, I first considered using the Internet as a tool for reaching out to lost people. Back then, I knew this might be  important, but I never expected that it would grow to the extent that it has today, particularly in such a short time. We are now seeing tens of thousands every day responding to the message of God’s love and forgiveness through online ministries. God has truly placed in our hands a new and unprecedented opportunity to fulfil the Great Commission to the next generation using this tool. There is now no doubt in my mind that it will significantly influence the future directions and outcomes of both local and international Christian missions.

In early 2010, with so much happening in Internet ministries world wide and so great an opportunity and need, my wife and I knew that it was time to obey God’s call. We applied to move from being volunteers in this area to full-time service. We are now working part-time (1 day per week) with Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

After more than 6 years preparing, we’ve taken the plunge and are now building our support team. Along the way, I’ve become Australian rep for Internet Evangelism Day, presented various electives on Internet Evangelism at local missions conventions and attended and presented at three international conferences in this area. It’s been an exciting journey so far seeing God teach me about His provision for my trips in unexpected and sometimes  miraculous ways. I’ve formed many new international friendships that I hope will bear fruit in future partnerships.

Right now, our most urgent need is that we find a team of partners who will support us in our future ministry. If you live in or near Brisbane, Australia; we’d love the opportunity to visit you to tell you more so that you can wisely and prayerfully consider investing in our ministry.

What is Jenny’s journey, vision and calling?

I was born in Mt Isa (western Queensland, Australia) where eventually my parents became involved in planting a new church.  When I was 10, our family went to Zambia, Africa for just over five years.  While Dad once again worked for the mines our family was again involved in church planting and actively involved in supporting missionaries and mission work (e.g. one holidays Dad supervised and helped replace the church roof at one of the remote rural missions).  I can vividly remember many of our young enthusiastic African neighbours piling into my parents station wagon to come to church with us.  (Ten years later my parents returned to Africa this time Zimbabwe with my youngest sister as AEF (African Evangelical Fellowship) missionaries. They were involved in running a conference centre, teaching religious education (RE) and relief work in a rural area with the resultant planting of a church in that area. )

Two years after my parents returned to Mt Isa, I went off to University in 1976 to study medicine.   I have been conscious of God’s presence and claim on my life from a very young age.  However just before going to University I had a strong and very moving experience of his forgiveness and particular love for me which inspired me to step out boldly in faithful obedience to him.  While at Uni I was an active member of Evangelical Union (a Christian student group) and a local church and grew spiritually under the ministry of Rev Stan Solomon.   Later, as young doctor I became involved in a church with a ministry to university students and a strong emphasis on each Christian finding and using his or her spiritual gifts.  During my regular time alone with God and his word I felt a strong call to a teaching ministry.   This led me eventually to study at Bible College of Queensland (BCQ) and, on finishing my course, serving on to the BCQ faculty with pastoral oversight of students and lecturing.  I also started postgraduate theological studies.

In 1989 I married Tony and we have since had 2 children.  After 12 years of paid Christian ministry and years of trying to fit Doctoral studies in with family responsibilities, family circumstances meant that I needed to focus on caring for our children.   God has gently been challenging me to believe he has plans for my future.  Faith, hope and love have been his words to me over the last couple of years.  Over this time I have expanded my experience of the Internet with its potential to connect with others online and have made a few small steps in blogging (for instance check out fantasytrekkers.com).

During this time I have also seen Tony’s passion for communicating God’s love and new life through Internet Missions.  God has already greatly used him as he has shared his IT expertise and lateral thinking with others in this space however this has often meant late nights and limited opportunities.  I am convinced God can use all our experiences.  I am sure that he can and will use my love for communication, art and writing; my experience of God in my own life and in the lives of others both here and overseas; my theological training; my experiences as wife and mother; and my experiences in teaching, discipleship with all age groups as we both follow God’s call into a this newest chapter of our lives.  Together, we hope and pray for an enthusiastic team of people to stand beside us and make it possible to unlock the potential set before us.