The  O’Hagan’s are currently part-time staff with Power to Change Campus Australia assisting national campus teams and international Internet outreach teams in sharing the good news of Jesus and training and discipling using technology tools. Power to Change Australia was formerly known as Crusade for Christ Australia. You might also have known them as Student Life, Athletes in Action, Family Life or Jesus Film Project. In Australia we’ve merged these teams under one name.

The technology innovations Tony is designing and developing have the potential to significantly accelerate the work of thousands of other volunteers and full-time ministry staff worldwide!

Tony and Jenny must find a team of financial partners who will faithfully give $30, $50 or $100 or $200 per month or some other regular amount to support their family and ministry expenses. The reality is that the 1.5 days per week that Tony serves is nowhere near enough for the tasks at hand. We urgently need your support so Tony and Jenny can be released for full-time service.

Bill Hodgson (former CEO of Campus Crusade for Christ) explains why you might consider supporting the O’Hagan family:

Tony brings over 30 years of experience in software development, online marketing and IT know how.  He is developing innovative new mobile technology that can significantly accelerate the gospel both locally and globally.

Jenny is a qualified theologian having served on the faculty of Brisbane School of Theology  for 10 years. She is also an active author, editor  and speaker and heads up Christian Writers Downunder (700 member).

Like many other mission organisations, Power to Change missionaries depend on the consistent financial giving of concerned individuals to carry on their ministry. Contributions from individuals like you are the only source of income to support our ministry. Campus Crusade has no central funds for paying salaries. As an experienced software engineer Tony is offering to significantly reduce his salary to obey Christ’s call – simply because the need and potential are so huge. An investment of your gift to further the gospel that will not only unlock opportunities for the O’Hagan but for the many thousands of volunteers and staff who will make use of the technology Tony is developing by multiplying and accelerating what each of these people are able to do. The harvest is certainly plentiful but the labourers few … so Tony has chosen to focus on developing a new mission critical mentoring tool that will reduce the time and effort required to personally follow up, counsel and disciple the many thousands of people who respond to the gospel each week.

Our Commitment to our Partners:

  • To work diligently to touch the lives of people for Jesus Christ
  • To regularly let you know how God is blessing the ministry
  • To share prayer concerns with one another

” I want to make a real different in reaching people for Christ.  Count me in!

Your partnership with us can make a real difference in reaching people for Christ. Would you like to become a prayer or financial partner and together help us to reach out to people online?

You can begin today through the online giving of our ministry …

If you’d like more information  … We can arrange a phone call, personal visit or Skype chat at a time that best suites you.
Just visit to book a time with Tony.

Ian Finnan, Power to Change Australia, Film and Media team director