Invite Us

What better way to get to know us and catch the vision of Internet Missions than to invite us over for a visit.  If you’re considering supporting our ministry or getting involved or perhaps just want to know more about how it all works … why not give Tony a call today on 0421 230 767 or Email

If you’re a church pastor we’re happy to give you references from our local church pastor and you can also contact our head office. If you live in the greater Brisbane region of Queensland Australia, we’re available to speak in your Home or at your Bible Study Group. We also have presentations suited for Church, Bible College or Missions Conferences.

We have the following presentations prepared but we’re also happy to adapt these to your needs and requirements:

  • How to use the Internet as a tool in your daily witness.  (10 – 30 mins).
  • Internet Evangelism (1 hour) – Overview of potential, outreach methods and missions.
  • Internet Follow up (1 hour) – Learn about the opportunities for service at home as an online follow up volunteer.  We can also arrange a “hands on” follow up training workshop.
    You can also visit .
  • Our ministry vision and calling (minimum 1 hour) – For those wishing to consider supporting us.