One of the most exciting and rewarding things we can do in our spiritual journey is to help others who are spiritually seeking to discover a new life in Jesus and to help them in their new found faith. This not only changes their lives – it also transforms ours! God’s Word has a fresh purpose and direction in our life when we reach out to lead and guide. Our whole perspective on life is changed as we listen and pray and minister to others.

Now imagine if you were to visit some people in your area hoping for the opportunity to speak to someone wanting answers to spiritual questions or perhaps even an opportunity to lead someone into a new faith in Christ.  You might perhaps knock on ten doors before you’d find someone willing to speak to you.  You’d spend lots of time just searching.

Now imagine if instead, all those who were spiritually seeking today instead lined up outside your door. Not only that … they’d be visiting you from all corners of the world.  Wow … now that would be some adventure … Welcome to online follow up!

You can hear first hand stories of how life transforming it can be by visiting our Australian team on Facebook.

You can also invite us over to your Home Group, Church, Bible College or Missions event to talk about how online follow up works and how you or your church members can get involved. This ministry can truly transform a church … prepare bible college students for the field … revive a home group.

Got some reservations? Like to know more?  Head on over to where we address some of these issues.  You can even sign up here.