Over 1.3 million people in Queensland are now on Facebook.

Just image if you could reach thousands of people in your home town.  Today over 1.4 million people (approx. 29%)1 who live in the state of Queensland, Australia are now on Facebook.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed an online survey that helps people discover their spiritual needs and then connects them with Christians willing to meet them face to face to answer their spiritual questions, to explain the gospel to them and offer to guide them in the next steps.  30 – 60% of people who complete the survey indicate an interest in meeting someone face to face (approx. 30% say Yes; another 30% say Maybe). This has been developed this in partnership with Campus Crusade’s university teams but we hope to adapt it into a regional outreach tool that can be used by  groups of local churches to connect with spiritual seekers in their area. One of the important ways we plan to connect people with this tool is via Facebook.  Our long term vision is to package it into a reusable kit that any Christian church or mission can use world wide.  We’ve have already run several Australian national campaigns at over 16 campuses and also one campus in the USA.

This is just one of several Internet ministry projects that God has laid on our heart. You can help us to get projects like this off the ground and running by inviting us to your church, home or home group to help us build our support team.

1 Estimated population of Queensland in March 2010:  4,498,900.  Estimated population of Queensland on Facebook:  1,322,200  (~29.4%).  Note that a previous estimate I published was based on the Brisbane region alone but I’ve since become convinced that the statistic computed by Facebook was incorrect due to the method Facebook use for determining visitor location.  Their statistic for Queensland is likely to be considerably more accurate and less likely to be above the actual value.

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