How to use Internet sites to share your faith and disciple others.

Every day we meet people who have either never heard or fail to understand the gospel message.  Jesus made it very clear that He was on earth to not only love and care for people’s physical and emotional needs but that His primary purpose was a rescue mission … to finally pay the price of sin that separates us from God and to invite every person to respond. So being a follower of Jesus means taking up the commission He gave us as He departed (Matt 28:18-20).

Sadly, most Christians miss out on the adventure and privilege of sharing their faith with those around them. Leading another person to Christ is probably one of most rewarding experiences in the Christian life.

While I’d always prefer to explain the gospel fully with a person, often when we meet someone there may be only a few short moments when we can talk about their relationship with God. What can we do to best make use of these moments? One way is to leave them something to read or a video to watch and then plan to ask them about it later – but often we don’t have anything with us. What I do is ensure that I keep some personal contact cards in my wallet and pen/pencil in my pocket.  After first listening and understanding where they’re at I might have an idea for a web site they could visit that I think would be of interest to them. I write down the site on the back of my card and try make a time to meet or call to talk about it. They often appreciate having time and space by themselves to explore the Internet site and think it through.

I’ve memorized several web sites that have good gospel presentations or deal with other questions they are likely to raise. Many of these sites also have volunteer teams who can follow up with site visitors who respond.

When you meet up next time you can ask these questions …

Q1.  What did you think of _____  .

Q2.  Did it make sense to you?

Q3.  Are you aware that you can know God personally?

Q4.  Would you like to know God personally?

Often they reply “Yes” … and you can then share the gospel message with them.

Here’s some sites you might find worth memorizing. Take the time to get to know them so you’ll know where to send people and also to ensure that you’re comfortable with what they’re saying.  We plan to keep updating this list with new resource links.












There are also some great print and DVD resources for all ages and backgrounds:

If you’re sharing your faith with another person for whom English is not their native language, you can download and print these free culturally sensitive bi-lingual Gospel tracts that are all based on the Four Spiritual Laws:

Like to learn more about how to share your faith with friends? …  just head over to .