Transforming your church through online mentoring.

In this video, Pastor Rob Jackson from Forestville Baptist explains how partnering with Global Media Outreach has transformed the faith and commitment level of his congregation.

Each week we sit in church learning new things. It’s like a classroom. But how sad if we never step outside and use what we’ve learned to minister to others. Worse … we risk going stale. Online mentoring opens the door – to seeker and volunteer mentor – to grow and be enriched by sharing the many lessons learned. Our Bible study takes on a fresh new meaning and purpose as we take time to research answers to each seeker’s question.  The outcome is obvious … we not only share our faith online but are also built in the confidence to make this part of our daily face to face relationships. So we end up doing both global and local mission.  What a wonderful way to grow the depth of walk of both ourselves and those in our spiritual care.

Rob’s story is a powerful testimony to what is possible when a church takes up the challenge of sharing in the joy of reaching out to all continents and nations each week via the Internet:

Interested in learning more …

You can join the Campus Crusade’s Australian team via .  From other countries, we recommend you visit .

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